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The ETFLA is chartered with:

  • undertaking a critical analysis of the demands for laboratory astrophysics, noting particularly ASTRONET Infrastructure Roadmap recommendations and areas for which under-investment in laboratory astrophysics places astronomical projects at risk in terms of planning and exploitation.

  • developing a realistic roadmap including organizational and financial arrangements, which will enable full exploitation of data from major astronomical projects through research in laboratory astrophysics.

  • developing recommendations on the implementation of a European network in Laboratory Astrophysics.

  • developing recommendations on the establishment of a common Laboratory Astrophysics database by inventorizing open access platforms for all laboratory and computed data and packages through a common database, in liaison with the Astrophyical Software Library (ASL), the Virtual Observatory (VO), and the providers of specialist databases such as e.g., Basecol, CDMS, etc

The ETFLA focuses on laboratory based studies interpreting, guiding or in support of astronomical research focusing on the

  • gas phase astrochemistry (ISM/CSM and planetary atmospheres)

  • spectroscopy of the ISM

  • spectroscopy in hot bodies (opacities)

  • solid state processes and pathways towards molecular complexity

  • stellar & planetary formation

  • primitive & planetary material

  • high energy processes

  • space plasmas

  • stellar evolution and nuclear astrophysics

  • astrochemical databases

  • astrophysical conditions for the emergence of life

ETFLA - Executive committee

Jonathan Tennyson, UK

Louis d'Hendecourt, F

Committee members
Juergen Blum, D
Thomas Giesen, D
Jordi Jose, Sp
Maxim Khodachenko, Au
Mats Larsson, Sw
Harold Linnartz, NL
Aake Nordlund, DK
Pascal Quinet, B
Alessandra Rotundi, It
Peter Sarre, UK
Valentine Wakelam, F

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