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Welcome to the site of the European Task Force for Laboratory Astrophysics, ETFLA.

The ETFLA has been appointed by the ASTRONET Board. Its remit is to deliver - as described in the Astronet Roadmap -  a strategy to optimize and promote, in liaison with relevant European and International parties, the field of laboratory astrophysics in relation to ground- and space-based astronomy and missions, including in-situ (inter)planetary probes, considering both short- and medium-to-long-term timescales. The field embraces all physical, chemical, biological, geological and interdisciplinary experimental sciences of relevance to astronomical inquiry, including theoretical, computational and modelling research, from the nuclear and atomic/molecular level to application on astronomical scales.

Download here the Astronet Brochure.
Download here the preliminary ETFLA midterm report.

ETFLA - Executive committee

Jonathan Tennyson, UK

Louis d'Hendecourt, F

Committee members
Juergen Blum, D
Thomas Giesen, D
Jordi Jose, Sp
Maxim Khodachenko, Au
Mats Larsson, Sw
Harold Linnartz, NL
Aake Nordlund, DK
Pascal Quinet, B
Alessandra Rotundi, It
Peter Sarre, UK
Valentine Wakelam, F

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